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Wild Taiga is Europe’s leading wildlife watching destination where you can encounter not only iconic and often elusive Finnish Big Five (bear, elk, wolverine, lynx and wolf), but also other Arctic species such as whitetailed eagle and rare wild forest reindeer. Wildlife watching products vary from a few hours in a photo hide to weeklong photography tours, offering something for everyone. Many activities include a wildlife element as well such as wolverine tracking during snowshoeing excursion.

Bear watching and photography tours are summer favourites, but in winter when the bears are sleeping, there’s a lot too see in the wilds, too. Wolf, wolverine and birds of prey can be observed through the year. Winter season specialities include Northern Lights photography and stargazing excursions.


Wildlife holidays in October

Taiga Spirit, nature and wildlife experiences

The autumn in Finland, a chance to discover the transition from autumn colours to first snow while wildlife is still active – bears are going to sleep between 15 and 20th of october, but wolverines,…

Price / person
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1100 €

Wild Taiga summer