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Privacy notice

Wild Taiga customer register privacy policy:

1. Registrar

Idän Taiga ry

c/o Kuhmon Kamarimusiikki

Torikatu 39

88900 Kuhmo

Contact person concerning matters related to the register: Assi Heikkinen, info(at)wildtaiga.com

2. Criteria and intended use of personal information

Idän Taiga ry’s customer register consists of two groups of registrants: 1) the marketing register and 2) the website visitors.

Marketing register

The intended use of the register is to market the tourism services, products and events of Idän Taiga ry and the companies involved in its joint marketing (Wild Taiga companies) and to inform on current affairs in the Wild Taiga area. Marketing and informing takes place e.g. in the form of newsletters.

The processing of personal data is based on:

  • With the consent of the data subject or
  • To the legitimate interest of the registrar

The data subject’s consent to the processing of personal data is usually requested either when subscribing to the newsletter or in the cookie and tracking acceptance banner on the website. In this context, we ask for four approvals: 1) the processing of personal data in our marketing register, 2) the use of non-essential and third-party cookies, 3) the transfer of personal data outside the EU, and 4) the use of personal data for automated marketing decision-making and profiling.

Based on a legitimate interest, Idän Taiga ry may process e.g., the data of persons responsible of travel arrangements in travel organizations of various organizations or tourism professionals, which have been obtained either from public information sources or from the registers of member companies of Idän Taiga or other partners. Such personal information (usually email addresses) can be processed e.g., to send event invitations or brochures. Based on a legitimate interest, Idän Taiga may also process information about the association’s key stakeholders (email addresses).

In assessing the legitimate interest, we have considered the following:

  • Data collection and processing is appropriate from the perspective of both Idän Taiga and data subjects
  • Registrants can reasonably expect to be contacted by the tourism marketing operator / Idän Taiga ry
  • The processing of this type of personal data can be considered an integral part of Idän Taiga’s operations

Website visitors

The register of visitors to the website consists of those visitors to the wildtaiga.fi website who have not given their consent to the processing of their personal data for marketing use. The IP addresses of the website visitors and the necessary cookies are processed based on a legitimate interest e.g., to maintain security and to make selections related to the use of the site. Statistics about visitors to the site are collected without storing identifying information such as IP addresses.

3. Personal data to be stored in the register

Marketing register

The register may contain the following information about the data subject:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • A company represented by the person or organization
  • Other information provided by the data subject about him/herself (interests)
  • Newsletter subscription information (country, consent, unsubscribe)
  • Customer relationship start date
  • Business language
  • Date of birth /age
  • Gender
  • IP addresses and device types
  • Marketing authorizations and other consents
  • Information related to e-marketing such as website activities and emails
  • Information on registration for events, participation in competitions, purchases, feedback and other customer-related matters
  • Other information provided by the customer

Website visitors

IP addresses, times of visits, necessary cookies and visitor tracking information.

4. Regular sources of information

Marketing register

Personal information can be collected in connection with various marketing measures (e.g. trade fairs, sales events), via the wildtaiga.fi website (contact forms, newsletter subscription form) or otherwise directly from the registered person. The contact information requested on the contact forms on the product cards of the Wildtaiga.fi website will only be used to respond to contacts unless a separate marketing permit has been obtained from the registered person himself or herself. Personal information may also be collected from the registers of Wild Taiga companies or other Idän Taiga partners. In addition, information may be collected from publicly available information sources, such as the trade register or the websites of companies or organizations.

Website visitors

Information will be collected automatically when visiting wildtaiga.fi-website.

5. Regular data disclosures

Marketing register

The information may be disclosed for marketing purposes to Wild Taiga companies operating in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can find the list of Wild Taiga companies here.

Custobar Oy’s services are used to send Wild Taiga’s electronic newsletters and bulletins as well as other automated marketing. The data of the data subjects can be processed on servers managed by Custobar and its sub-processors. Custobar only processes the personal data of data subjects in accordance with and on behalf of the agreement with the Idän Taiga ry. More information about Custobar’s processing of personal data can be found here.

The data may be transferred for storage to Google’s cloud services and to Google and Facebook marketing platforms that comply with the requirements of the General Privacy Policy (see section 8).

Marketing register and website visitors

The data of visitors to the website can be processed by Telia Inmics-Nebula, which is responsible for maintaining the server of the wildtaiga.fi website.

6. Process duration

Generally, the data will be kept for as long as the data subject’s consent is valid or until the data subject refuses to process his or her data. Every marketing message we send contains a link through which you can opt out of sending electronic marketing messages. If a person refuses to engage in marketing, we will retain information about the refusal and contact information so that we can ensure compliance with the refusal. Data collected for individual event invitations, or the like will no longer be processed after the event.

7. Processors of personal data

The following companies may process personal data in the marketing register on the basis of and on behalf of an agreement with Idän Taiga ry:

  • Telia Inmics-Nebula, website and email maintenance
  • Google, cloud services and e-marketing
  • Facebook, e-marketing
  • Custobar Oy, newsletters, notifications and automated marketing
  • Tilitoimisto FaktaCount Oy, accounting

8. Data transfer outside the EU

Marketing register

Personal data may be transferred outside the EU and the EEA by Idän Taiga ry and the processors of the personal data used by it.

The transfer can be carried out lawfully once the European Commission has decided that an adequate level of data protection has been ensured in the destination country of transfer (Article 45 of the Data Protection Regulation).

In addition, data may be transferred with the express consent of the data subject to the countries of operation of the controllers and their sub-processors, such as the United States.

9. Automatic decision-making and profiling

Marketing register

The data may be used for automated decision-making or profiling in e-marketing where the processing is based on the data subject’s consent. For instance, a data subject may receive marketing messages based on information collected about him or her and may see personalized advertisements in online services.

Website visitors

The data is not used for automatic decision making or profiling.

10. Register security principles

Computers and mobile devices are technically protected e.g., firewalls and passwords, and appropriate anti-virus software. Access to the register is protected by usernames and passwords.

Manually processed material is stored in locked and controlled facilities and disposed of properly when there is no longer a need for processing.

11. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that a website sends to your browser that are stored on a user’s device. By using cookies, it is e.g., possible to improve the user-friendliness and efficiency of the site. We ask for your consent to the use of non-essential cookies.

If you give your consent to non-essential cookies, our website uses cookies to track visitors and collect marketing information. With the help of cookies, we find out e.g., how many visitors your site has, how visitors are directed to your site, and how they interact with your site. The information can be used in our marketing. Cookies from third parties such as Facebook and Google may also allow third parties to collect information.

If you do not give your consent to non-essential cookies, we will only collect anonymous information about visitors to the site. This information allows us to track the interests of site users and develop our site further.

12. Rights of the data subject

You have the following rights, for which if you want to use them must be requested via info(at) wildtaiga.com. We will respond to requests within the timeframe set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (generally within one month).

Right of access to personal data: The data subject can check what data about him or her is stored in the register and how it is processed.

Right to correct data: The data subject may request the correction of incorrect or incomplete data concerning him or her.

Withdrawal of consent and prohibition of direct marketing: Where consent is the sole basis for the processing of data, the data subject may withdraw his or her consent at any time. We normally process data in the marketing register based on three consents: 1) the processing of personal data in the Marketing register, 2) the use of non-essential and third-party cookies, 3) the transfer of personal data outside the EU, and 4) the use of personal data for automated marketing decision-making and profiling. The data subject may also at any time prohibit the use of his or her data for direct marketing.

Right to delete data: The data subject may request the deletion of data if it is not necessary to process them. The request will be processed, after which we will either delete the data or state a valid reason why the data cannot be deleted.

Right not to be subject to automatic decision-making without a legal basis: We only process personal data for automatic decision-making and profiling in our electronic marketing with the consent of the data subject. The data subject may withdraw his consent at any time.

Right to object and right to restrict processing: The data subject may, on grounds relating to his or her personal situation, object to processing based on a legitimate interest. Processing can also be restricted to e.g., when a person disputes the accuracy of personal data. The processing of disputed data may therefore be limited until the matter has been resolved.

Right to turn in a complaint to the supervisory authority: The data subject may turn in a complaint to the supervisory authority if he or she considers that the data are being processed in breach of the general EU data protection regulation. Contact details for the data protection officer can be found here.

13.Changes to this Privacy Policy

This privacy statement can be updated for example when legislation changes, so we recommend that you review the content of this policy regularly. This leaflet was last updated on 28/10/2021

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