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Taiga Birds and Specials


Bird Hide Photography 1.1.-31.12


Bird hide is available starting from 1st April 2021. The best opportunities and the most range of species bird hide offers in winter, spring and autumn when there is not that much food in the…

Price / person
starting from

49 €

Boreal bird and wildlife tour - brown bear

Boreal Bird & Wildlife Photographing Tour

Hikes'n Trails

This comprehensive bird and nature photographing week in Northern Ostrobothnia and South Lapland is made for nature lovers! Photographing holiday could be arranged as a self-guided holiday or with the local guide.

Price / person
starting from

3480 €

Capercaillie and black grouse lek

Taiga Spirit, nature and wildlife experiences

Snow covers the forests of Kuhmo usually until 10th of May. The best season to see and photography the lekking Capercaillie and Black Grouse is between end of april to middle of may. We have…

Price / person
starting from

80 €

Eagle Safaris

Hossan Karhut

When the first snow falls in Hossa, many dormant animals have already prepared their winter nests. That is when you can observe other animals, such as golden eagle and white-tailed Eagle.

Price / person
starting from

90 €

Wild Taiga summer