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Workation in Wild Taiga

Hotel Kalevala

In Hotel Kalevala and its surroundings, you can be assured to find a peaceful setting for teleworking. Located by a lake, surrounded by forest and just 3 km from the centre of Kuhmo, our hotel offers peace and quiet for focused working. You can work in your hotel room or “go to work” in the dining room or one of the hotel’s many lounges.

Dayroom: EUR 49 per person

The price includes use of the room for 1 day Mon-Fri from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (or as agreed), breakfast to start the day off, coffee and tea making facilities in the room, Wi-Fi, and free parking

Prices for longer stays (prices per single room):

  • 1 night: EUR 95
  • 2 nights: EUR 149
  • 3 nights: EUR 219 per
  • 4 nights: EUR 289
  • 5 nights: EUR 359

The price includes accommodation, breakfast, evening saunas, Wi-Fi, coffee and tea making facilities in the room and free parking. Lunch and dinner are available on arrangement.

We are also happy to provide a quote for a longer periods of stay or if you want to cater to large group of employees. Our spacious meeting rooms are at your disposal and can safely accommodate socially-distanced meetings.

www.hotellikalevala.fi / sales@hotellikalevala.fi / +358 8 655 4100

Guesthouse Kuutamo

Telework near the whispering environs of blue-shaded hills, white drifts of snow and solemn spruces.

Our small, cosy “home away from home” is equipped with a good internet connection and located close to other facilities such as a spa and swimming pools (100 m), cross-country skiing trails (100 m), ice-fishing on the lake (200 m) and down-hill skiing slopes (44 km).

Our guesthouse has six rooms two of which have their own entrance. The rooms can be equipped with a refrigerator and microwave oven on request.

You can cook freely in the shared kitchen, and the sauna is also at your disposal at no extra charge! We take care of the cleaning of common spaces and the disinfection of surfaces daily.

If you require printing services or other assistance, we are happy to be at your service in our office in the building next door.

www.kuutamokoti.fi / kainuun@kuutamokeikat.fi / +358 50 4622 066

Scenery Room – a place for teleworking and relaxation

The Lentiira Holiday Village Scenery Room provides welcomed flexibility for your travel plans. The room can be booked for an hour or for a full day and you can spend the day teleworking or quickly take care of an urgent business matter. This peaceful working space with Wi-Fi is ideal for remote working.

For those passing by, the Scenery Room is an excellent place to stop if you need a short rest to ensure a safe drive to your destination. In the Scenery Room, you can also relax for a few hours after a canoeing trip or bear-watching night if you have already checked out or are waiting to be checked in.

Our luminous Scenery Room can be booked from 8 am to 8 pm. The lovingly decorated room has an office table, a comfortable sofa, and a bed. A lake view awaits through the south-facing window.

Prices per person:

  • EUR 10 per hour
  • EUR 35 per 4 hours
  • EUR 49 per day

Additional person + EUR 4 per hour.

The price includes basic-speed Wi-Fi connection and black and white printing at the reception on request. The toilet is in the corridor next to the Scenery Room.

Additional services: snacks from the café, shower/sauna at the lakeside sauna, cooking facilities at the lakeside cabin.

www.lentiira.com / sales@lentiira.com / +358 44 72 88 930

Remote working is a breeze in the wilderness

When you get tired of working at your home office, it’s time to take a little break from the everyday routine. A change of scenery will certainly bring new energy to your working days! In the Wild Taiga region, cosy accommodation, convenient services and the complete peace and silence of the surrounding wilderness create an ideal setting for teleworking. A brisk walk during a lunch break or at the end of the day will leave you pleasantly refreshed, and you won’t need to go far to get to some superb hiking trails as many are close to the accommodation.

So, take your pick from our telework packages or other accommodation options and book a remote work period in Kuhmo, Suomussalmi or elsewhere in the Wild Taiga region. If you are done with work for a while, it is easy to shift to holiday mode while remaining in the same beautiful surroundings and engaging in a variety of activities or just relaxing in the bosom of nature. Whether you choose a hotel, a cottage, or an inn, you will undoubtedly find the privacy for work and opportunity for leisure you crave in our region.

Invigorating activities are available throughout the year. The surrounding environment is yours to explore by bike, on foot, by ski, on snowshoes or, in the summer for example, by paddling in a canoe. Rental equipment is available from several operators throughout the region. Additionally, you can visit the Kalevala Information Centre Juminkeko in Kuhmo or experience the art installation “Silent People” in Suomussalmi. Take a closer look at the many things to see and experience in our area and check out the diverse hiking routes of Kuhmo and Suomussalmi.

Wild Taiga summer