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You really feel alive in the heart of the eastern Kainuu nature. Wild Taiga’s untouched land, clear lakes and rapids will tempt you to treks with authentic experiences. We offer a rare opportunity to hike in magnificent, unspoiled nature, watch and photograph wildlife, and enjoy cultural activities.

Our wide range of activities will take you to the best hiking locations in the wild to see animals in their natural environment. You will see bears, moose, birds of prey and wolves, and the nature offers an ever-changing background for your photos. Wild Taiga is full of life every day of the year.

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Wild Taiga is located on Finland's eastern border, in and around Kuhmo and Suomussalmi. Here you will find more information about the region, its sights and our products and services.

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Finland is one of the northern countries in Europe and easily accessible from foreign destinations. Wild Taiga is located in northeastern Finland, just an hour flight from the capital, Helsinki.

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