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Lentiira Holiday Village

Snowshoe trekking in Lentiira

Price / person
starting from

10 €



Bouncing in the winter weather tunes the sweat to the surface and a smile to the lips. During a snowshoe hike, you can follow trails of wild animals and enjoy winter scenery of pine forests, swamps and ice-covered lake.

Programme description

From Lentiira Holiday Village you could easily visit the nearby Selkäsaari, the photogenic tiny island of Aono or the monument of Kirveskansa Church, for exampe. Piirakkapuoti, located in the village house, serves coffee and fresh delicacies every Saturday morning from 9AM to 1PM.

You can rent snowshoe equipment from Lentiira Holiday Village. Price starting from 10€/hour.

The lightweight snowshoe is suitable for a wide range of snow conditions, from hay, powder and padded routes. Especially, for a “Sunday hiker” or nature photographer, snowshoeing is a notable form of movement.

The sliding snowshoe, on the other hand, is a ski-type device that combines the features of a snowshoe and traditional forest ski. With sliding shoes, you can move agilely in different terrains.


Selkäsaari snowshoe excursion

Self-guided snowshoe trek to nearby Selkäsaari island. You can determine the length of the trip yourself, as the island is quite large but is within sight of Lentiira Holiday Village. Excursions can be enjoyed at Lomakylä’s hut by the campfire. Our tour package includes directions, a three (3) hour snowshoe rental and a picnic lunch. Price 33€/person, with sliding snowshoes 48€/person.

Equipment & smoke sauna package

The package includes a four (4) hour equipment rental and a smoke sauna shift for two. You can choose cross-country skis or sliding snowshoes or forest skis.Price: 99€/2 persons, additional person 45€/person. Offer valid on weekends and winter holiday weeks from Wednesday to Saturday, and, applicable for guests staying in Lentiira Holiday Village.

When booking accommodation in the Lentiira Village´s online store, you can make equipment or guided excursion request in the additional information line. We will contact you as soon as possible about availability.

Good to know

Lentiira Holiday Village
Tel. +358 44 72 88 930
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Best time to reach us is Mon – Fri 10AM – 6PM.

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