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Off the trails -snowshoeing


On this snowshoeing tour you will get to explore the wild taiga of eastern Finland. This remote area is the absolute perfect place to enjoy the peace of nature. Our route is mostly in Hossa…

Price / person
starting from

1050 €

Skishoeing Adventure With a Lunch on an Island

Koe Kainuu adventures

Skishoes are short, wide skis, that are a hybrid in between a snowsnoe and a ski. They are easy to learn and with them you can explore wintery nature off path!

Price / person
starting from

133 €

Snowshoe tour in Wild Taiga

Guided snowshoe tour on Kalevala canvas, nearby islands and taiga forests, incl. hot juice and cookie

Price / person
starting from

59 €

Snowshoe excursion discovering wildlife tracks.

Snowshoe Trek in the Snow-white Lentiira

Lentiira Holiday Village

Snowshoe trekking is both easy and sporty way of enjoying nature during the arctic winter. Not only that, it brings smile on your lips! During a snowshoe hike, you can follow trails of wild animals…

Price / person
starting from

10 €

Taiga snowshoe tracking and wolverine hut

Taiga Spirit, nature and wildlife experiences

We will discover the richness of the Taiga forest, the precious ecosystem during the “Taiga snowshoe tracking and wolverine hut" program.

Price / person
starting from

120 €

Wild Taiga summer