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Vellamon Retket offers nature experiences at Kuhmo’s rapids and raven lands. My work is individual and I tailor a unique experience in Kuhmo’s nature just for you. The nature experience can be related to fishing, relaxing in nature, exploring nature or a small adventure.

Vellamon Retket wants to offer you a peaceful and present experience in the bosom of nature. With the development of smart devices, the genuine presence of people has decreased and at the same time the number of stimuli received by the brain has increased. “A smart device is a good ring, but a bad host.” That’s why I ask and challenge you to go on trips without your phone. We learn to live in the moment and enjoy nature and company.


88900 Kuhmo





A therapeutic nature trip in Kuhmo

Nature therapeutic excursion

Vellamon Retket
Kalastusretket Kuhmon korpijärville

Fishing trips on Kuhmo's waterways

Vellamon Retket
Pehokalastus opastus

Fishing instruction for beginners

Vellamon Retket

Price / person
starting from

400 €

Wild Taiga summer