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Vellamon Retket

Fishing trips on Kuhmo’s waterways

Kalastusretket Kuhmon korpijärville

Programme description

Fly fishing and snare fishing trips to Kuhmo rapids and lakes. Kuhmo has plenty of rapids, ponds and lakes for fishing. Do you want to experience the magic of a fishing trip or are you looking for an adventure? There are fishing spots for many tastes in Kuhmo.

Programme information


Kuhmo, 88900 Kuhmo

Group size


Kalastusretket Kuhmon koskille
Kalastusretket Kuhmon korpijärville
Kalastusretket Kuhmon koskille
Kalastusretkillä koet luonnon taikaa
Kuhmon kalastusmahdollisuudet ovat monipuolisia

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