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Vellamon Retket

Fishing instruction for beginners

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I’ve often heard that: “I can’t when it seems so difficult. It would still be nice to try, but…” Now let’s shake off this prejudice and way of thinking. You don’t need to know. With Vellamo, you go through the process of starting fly fishing or snare fishing without any finesse or performance pressure. The most important thing you bring to the rapids is yourself and the desire to experience the magic of fishing.

I have chosen two rapids, in the skirts of which I will give individual fly fishing instruction. The destinations are Pajakkakoski and Lentuankoski.

Guide to snare fishing takes place in Syväjärvi. It is a fishing and recreation destination located in Kuhmo, where rainbow trout are planted. There are good and clear fishing spots, where it is easy to practice handling the snare.

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Kuhmo, 88900 Kuhmo

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Pehokalastus opastus
Virvelikalastus opastus

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