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Sights and Attractions

Juminkeko, Kuhmo Arts Centre, the Karelian villages of Kuivajärvi and Hietajärvi, and Turjanlinna, the home of the author Ilmari Kianto.


Campfire Coffee and Sweet Pancakes

The Silent People and Niittykahvila Cafe

Niittykahvila Café's easy going atmosphere, the irresistible smell of fresh campfire coffee and pancakes and the play of the sun on your skin come together to invite you into their magical company.

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Harakkasaaren polku, kuva Harri Toivainen

Harakkasaari (island)

Harakkasaari, situated near the urban area of Kuhmo on Lake Lammasjärvi, offers excellent opportunities for various nature-based recreational activities throughout the year. Not only is Harakkasaari a nature reserve and recreational spot, but it's also…

Lapsi ja aikuinen lumisellä järvenjäällä pilkillä. Lapsi istuu lampaantaljan päällä. / A child and an adult with ice on a snowy lake ice. The child is sitting on a sheepfold. Kuva: Jonna Kalliomäki.

Hossa National Park

Crystal clear waters and ancient rock paintings! The magnificent wilderness of Hossa is an excellent destination: the trails running along pine heaths invite you to hike and cycle, and the crystal-clear lakes to go canoeing…

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Ilmari Kiannon Turjanlinnan pienoismalli

Ilmari Kianto exhibition

The Kianto exhibition located in the Suomussalmi library presents the extensive production and colorful life stages of author Ilmari Kianto with pictures, texts, objects and multimedia presentations.

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Kuva Lentuankoskesta

Lentua rapids and Lentua Lake

Lentua rapids and Lake Lentua are the most famous and popular natural attractions in Kuhmo, located approximately 15 km from the city center (directions from the Kuhmo-Suomussalmi road onto Lentuankoskentie for about 3 km, then…

Local handicrafts

Kuutamo Guesthouse

Unique and local products in Suomussalmi center. Ceramics, knittings, wood work, birch bark products etc. Vitamines from berry and nettle products. Reineer and sheep furs and also other products from Finnish sheep. Suomussalmi and The…

May we present to you - brown bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine

Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola

Finland’s four large carnivores - brown bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine - are presented in the Petola Visitor Centre in Kuhmo. Do you know how long is a bears winter sleep or how does the…

Kuva koskesta

Pajakka rapids

Near the city center, there's a stunning recreation area called Pajakka. The Pajakka River merges Kuhmo's extensive lake and river systems, flowing through three rapids (Pajakkakoski, Akonkoski, and Saarikoski) towards Lake Ontojärvi.

The instruments of Musical Forest are located on a sand esker

The Musical Forest

The unique Soiva Metsä (Musical Forest) is a forest filled with artistic instruments that can not only be played but are pieces of art as well.

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Hiljaisen Kansan turvepäitä kesällä

The Silent People

The Silent People is a bizarre sight; roughly a thousand peat-headed characters standing still at the Käpylä field alongside the National Highway 5.

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Turjanlinnan rantasauna sijaitsee Kiantajärven rannassa

Turjanlinna, Home of Author Ilmari Kianto

M/S Kianta Lake Cruises, Turjanlinna

Finnish author Ilmari Kianto, from the Kainuu region, was one of the most significant Finnish authors in the beginning of the 20th century. He wrote more than 60 books in his lifetime. The most famous…

Wild Taiga summer