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Taiga Spirit, nature and wildlife experiences

Taiga wildlife short break

Price / person
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850 €

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A wildlife short break in Finland to explore the taiga forest and learn about the wildlife living in it with a local wildlife guide

Programme description

With the predator hides , the chance to observe and photography bears are realistic, the success is about 90-95 % depending the season. Wolverines are appearing with a success of about 60-80 % , so with 2 nights in hide you are “pratically” insuring success to see at least one of the 2 predators or even both. The hides are located in a wolves´s territory so there is also a chance to see passing by wolves ( usually once in week) .For moose , we usually see 1 to 3 individuals and up to 6, success is around 80 %.

Programme information


From May to mid August


850 €/ person


- Transfer from Kajaani airport to Lentiira

- B&B accommodation in Lentiira

- Breakfast and meals

- 2 nights in our bear and wolverine hides

-one elk/moose safari by vehicule


- Flights

-Travel Insurance

Detailed programme


Day 1 : Arrival

Arrival  to Kajaani ( airport or train ), transfer to the B&B in Lentiira, meal and information about the program

Day 2 :Discover the nature and cultural finnish environment/ Bear watching hide

After breakfast your guide takes you into the Finnish taiga to explore the environment. There are brown bears, wolverines, wolves and lynxes living in the area but we will more explore and sicover the ecosystem of the taiga forest . After a meal, we will have an information about the hides and bears and then  we will transfer to the bear/wolverine hide (watching hides). All night in the comfortable hide accompanied by professional wildlife guide.

Day 3 : Bear and wolverine watching

Return to accommodation. Breakfast and some rest before to go back to the predator hide after the meal. A new chance to observe bears, wolverines and maybe even a wolf.

Day 4 : elk/moose safari

Return to accommodation. Breakfast and some rest . In afternoon / evening we will go out by vehicule to search for elk . Accommodation in lodge at B&B Taiga Spirit .

Day 5 : Departure

Breakfast and transfer to Kajaani ( Train /airport)

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