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Martinselkonen Wilds Centre

Photography package

Price / person
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780 €



Martinselkonen Wilds Centre is located in peaceful surroundings next to Russian border in Suomussalmi. It is one of the best places in Finland to see and photograph Brown Bears in its natural habitation.

Programme description

This package includes 3 nights in small photography hides especially designed for photographers. Each hide has 6 photography holes and there is room for 2 persons and their equipment.

During a night it is possible to see several different Bears. Normally in the feeding area visits about 10-20 bears a night and they star to move very early. Photographing is possible to start in good light. There are also possible to see females with small cubs. Open Swamp is also a good place to photograph White Tailed Eagle.

There is photography hides in 3 different location: swamp, forest and pond.

Programme information

Season: Mid April - 13th of August

Place: Martinselkonen Wilds Centre, Suomussalmi

Duration: 3 days.

Persons: 2 - 23.

Detailed programme

Day 1: Room in your use starting from 14:00. Lunch at 15:00. Leaving to the hide at 16:00. Night at the hide.

Day 2 and 3: Breakfast at 8:00. Lunch at 15:00. Leaving to the hide at 16:00. Night at the hide.

Day 4: Breakfast. Room in your use until 12:00.

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