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Taiga Spirit, nature and wildlife experiences

Capercaillie, bear, wolverine and black grouse Taiga Spirit

Price / person
starting from

630 €


All year

Snow covers the forests of Kuhmo sometime until 10th of May. The best season to see and photography the lekking Capercaillie and Black Grouse is between mid of april to middle of may. At this time, bears start to be also around and wolverines are also enjoy the spring light and fun.

Programme description

We offer you the opportunity to photography the capercaillie and black grouse, brown bear, wolverine .We organise week program including accommodation, meals, photographing hides for bears, wolverine, black grouse, capercaillie, small birds and water birds, beavers,…

We have several hides or tents to watch and photograph in the forest for Capercaillie and an swamp area for Black grouse.

Programme information

Season: 19.04 to 07.05

Place: Lentiira.Kuhmo

Persons: 1-5 persons

Detailed programme

8 days between 19.04 and 07.05. :

3 nights bears hides, 2 nights capercaillies hides, 2 mornings black grouse, . Includes accommodation , breakfast and one warm meal (around 16h), sandwiches in hides, transfer to/from hides from accommodation:
1100 € /person (+ airport transfer ( non included)).

5 days Program : 25.04-05.05.

one bear night,one capercaillie night, one black grouse morning,one free choice night ( bear, capercaillie or black grouse).Includes accommodation , breakfast and one warm meal (around 16h), sandwiches in hides, transfer to/from hides from accommodation.
630 €/person ( + airport transfer, non included )

7 days/ 6 nights : Special Capercaillie : between 26.4-5.5.

4 nights to capercaillie lek, one morning black grouse, one night bear. Accommodation , breakfast and one warm meal a day ( around 16h, before to go to hides),snacks in hides.
890 €/ person ( + airport transfer, non included)

Good to know

Equipment :
– winter shoes and clothing, gloves, hat,…long and warm underwears
– tripod for the birds hides.
– objectifs: 300mm to 500 mm animals can be from 5m to 50 m distance from hides.

We can provide rubber boot and sleeping bags.

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