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2 night bear trip

This is your chance to see the most famous inhabitants of the Wild Taiga region, the majestic Wild Brown Bear.

Programme information

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Price / person
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210 €



Programme description

This is an unforgettable experience. You can observe and photograph the bears up close and in complete safety and with an expert guide. The hides are close to the Russian border in Suomussalmi next to the Martinselkonen wilderness area. Hides are wheelchair friendly.

The bear season starts the end of April and lasts until the 17th of august.

Detailed programme

Day 1 – Arrival and introduction to your accommodation.
Take a sauna and relax
This is followed by dinner made from all the fruits of the forest and local produce.

Day 2 – Breakfast and free time.
After lunch is time to go to the bear safari.
When you return from the safari there is a light supper and a chance to talk about your adventures.

Day 3 – Breakfast and learn more about the area, its culture and history.

For your free time you can rent bicycles, canoes and Nordic walking poles from Arola.

Good to know

Please note:
Reservations need to be made in advance. We can take 1-20 guests.
In early spring we leave for the hides around 4 PM and from July from 3 PM. Hides are equipped with dry toilets.
Sandwiches, coffee and tea are served on the trip.
For more information and reservations call +358 (0)50 5189775 or www.arolabear.fi

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2 night bear trip

Price / person starting from

210 €




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