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Dream Cottage Getaway in Eastern Kainuu – Introducing the Best Cottages in Suomussalmi and Kuhmo


Are you yearning for a complete escape from the hustle and bustle of the city? An immersive, activity-filled nature retreat is sure to refresh your mind, but true relaxation comes from gazing at forest landscapes and enjoying serenity even within your accommodation.

From the Wild Taiga region, you’ll find a variety of cottages in both Suomussalmi and Kuhmo. In this article, you’ll find the essential details about these cottages at a glance.


Cottages in Hossa National Park


Hossa National Park has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, and for good reason. The park is a fantastic destination year-round, offering diverse opportunities for various activities. While there are no large hotels near the park, there are plenty of charming cottages available.


Hossa outdoor centre


Situated within the boundaries of the national park, Hossa outdoors Centre rests by the clear waters of Lake Öllörijärvi.

At the Karhunkainalo camping area, you can spend the night in your own accommodation or choose a cozy log cabin. The cabins feature two bunk beds, accommodating up to four people. Each cabin includes a bathroom, and for a sauna experience, you can use the facility at the recreational center or opt for an additional fee to use the lakeside sauna.


Karhunkainalon mökki Hossassa

The area also offers modern, ecologically heated semi-detached log houses. Each apartment can host six people. The apartments include private saunas and ultra-fast Wi-Fi.





Loma-Hossa offers various cottage options right next to the national park. Depending on the cottage, it’s just a 1–3 km hike to the park.


Loma-Hossan tiukumökki


You can stay in a cozy log cabin by Lake Hossanjärvi. The shores feature child-friendly shallow sandy beaches. Rowboats are also ready by the shore, inviting cottage-goers for a perch-fishing adventure.

If you’d rather admire lake views from the large windows of a modern cabin, try the Naava cabin by Lake Öllörinjärvi.


Loma-Hossan Naavamökki

Camping Hossan lumo


Located right next to Hossa National Park, Hossan Lumo camping area offers not only campsites but also a choice of eleven cottages. Options range from tiny camping huts to six-person log cabins.


Hirsimökki Hossassa


At the camping area, you can rent various outdoor equipment both in summer and winter.


Camping Hossan Lumon ranta

Cottages near Martinselkonen in Suomussalmi


Martinselkosen Nature Reserve represents authentic wilderness of Arctic Lakeland Kainuu. In this serene area, you can explore at your own pace. The place is excellent for fishing and berry-picking as well.


Arola farm


Arola farm is located in Ruhtinansalmi, Suomussalmi, near the Russian border and the Martinselkosen Nature Reserve. Arola offers insights into wartime history and the opportunity to watch bears from a hide. Arola’s main building also houses a charming private restaurant.

Accommodation options cater to various preferences: The modern, fully-equipped Arovilla apartments can host either 2 or 4 people, depending on the apartment.


Arolan Arovilla -mökki


The Hevonkuusi log cabin sits in a peaceful spot by Lake Kulmajärvi. The cabin can accommodate 4–6 people. It features an electric sauna, and there’s also a wood-heated lakeside sauna. A rowboat is also available.


Hevonkuusi -mökki


For experienced adventurers, the Tulihtaniemi cabin without electricity offers a unique experience. Located by the river, the cabin can host 3–4 people and can be reached by boat.


Tulihtaniemen mökki Arolassa


Martinselkosen eräkeskus


Known for its bear-watching opportunities, Martinselkonen Wilds Centre is also useful as a base for hikers and explorers.


Martinselkosen eräkeskus ulkoa


The modern accommodation building at the center features a shared kitchen and living area. Each room includes a private bathroom and accommodates two people.

For those wanting to retreat into the woods with their group, the Kuikkalehto cabin offers a cozy option. Located by a small lake, the cabin is 5 km from the center. It can accommodate up to eight people. The cabin has electricity but no running water.


Kuikkalehdon mökki Martinselkosessa


Cottages in Kuhmo


Lentiira Holiday Village


Lentiira Holiday Village is beautifully situated by Lake Lentiirajärvi.


Lentiiran lomakylän mökki Kuhmossa


Lentiira is known especially for its acclaimed smoke sauna. The resort offers a wide variety of activities, including boat rentals and other means of transportation. Nearby are bear-watching sites and the popular Änättikoski for fly-fishing.


Savusauna Lentiiran lomakylässä


You can either camp at the camping area or choose cottage accommodation. Cottages vary in size, accommodating two to seven people. All cottages have electricity and running water, allowing year-round stays. Upon request, you can also get a breakfast basket or a buffet breakfast.


Lentuankoski camping


Lentuankoski camping area is located by a beautiful river setting, making it a great spot for fly-fishing, with the rapids right there.


Lentuankosken leirintäalue Kuhmossa


Facilities include warm-water showers, toilets, a chemical toilet disposal area, and waste sorting stations (glass, paper, organic, mixed waste). The lakeside sauna can be heated daily upon request.

Cooking can be done at the cooking areas or by an open fire by the shore.
Jokela-talo Lentuankosken leirintäalueella


Besides pitching a tent or parking a caravan, you can also stay in the charming Markkula hut (in summer) or Jokela house, which can be rented during the winter too. With two bedrooms and a sofa bed, Jokela house accommodates up to six people. The house has its own sauna.


Arctica Estates


This luxurious villa in Upper Vieksi, Kuhmo, is suited for even the most discerning traveler. The nearest neighbors are half a kilometer away, ensuring complete privacy. With 500 m of private shoreline and a stunning garden, the villa is a true gem.
Ylellinen mökki Kuhmossa


The staff is ready to tailor your dream vacation, and the services are accordingly luxurious. If you wish, you can even be picked up in Helsinki, and upon arrival in Kuhmo, a delightful dinner awaits you, paired with your favorite wine.


Luksusmökin aula



This log cabin village is perched on a hill in Timoniemi, Kuhmo. You can rent a single cabin or all three at once! Pykälä is perfect for family gatherings or even hunting parties, with a total capacity of 20 people.


Pykälän kelomökit Kuhmossa


In addition to the cabins, there’s a log grill in the yard where you can cook over an open flame. The spacious sauna accommodates multiple bathers at once. You can cool off in the nearby spring-fed pond.


Pykälän kelomökkien sauna ja lampi

Rastinjärvi cabin


Mökki Rastinjärven rannalla Kuhmossa


This cabin without electricity is perfect for those who want to enjoy the tranquility of southern Kuhmo.

With a double bed and a sleeping loft, the cabin can accommodate up to 4 people. The cabin is equipped with a wood-burning stove, a gas stove/oven, a gas refrigerator, and oil lamps/LED lamps. Enjoy gentle saunas in the log sauna.

The adjacent Rastinjärvi lake is an excellent fishing spot, and the use of a rowboat is included in the rental.


Wild Taiga summer