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Summer Multiactivities


Guesthouse to Guesthouse Summer Tour

Äksyt Ämmät

The route goes around North Karelia. The main attractions are the small villages and forested hills of Karelia, as well as wonderful sights such as one of our national landscapes, Koli. Meet locals and learn…

Price / person
starting from

1390 €

Nordic Wilderness Experience, 3 Nights Package

Lentiira Holiday Village

Buy online now! Discover the unique wilderness in eastern Finland. The highlight of this soft adventure must be bear watching in the hideout.

Price / person
starting from

329 €


Outdoor activities nearby Hotel Kiannon Kuohut

Spa Hotel Kiannon Kuohut

From the yard of hotel Kiannon Kuohut you have access to multiple possibilities to do outdoor activities, such as: jogging, hiking, cycling, Humula playground and exercise park, swimming in lake Kiantajärvi, playing disc golf, canoeing…

Three National Parks Summer Adventure in South Lapland - canoeing

Three National Parks Summer Adventure

Hikes'n Trails

Incredibly fresh air, blue lakes, exciting activities and wonderful classic Log cabin accommodation welcomes you to three different National Parks in South Lapland!

Price / person
starting from

1380 €

Wild Taiga summer