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Loma Hossa

Tiuku Cottage

Tiuku cottage
Price / person
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80 €

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Programme description

Tiukumökki is a round log cabin with electricity and sauna, available in the Summertime only. It is located on the Hossanharju esker, on the shore of Öllöri -lake. The cabin is accessible by car, however the lake is beneath a staircase of around 50 steps. A path to Luontokeskus on foot or by bike is about 1km. A rowing boat is available on the shore. The cabin is suitable for two people. The downstairs bed width is 120 cm.

– Minimum rent for 2 nights.
– Recommended for people in good physical condition
– Outhouse toilet
– Bedlinen and towel 10 € /units

Programme information


Hossantie 312, 89920 Suomussalmi

Tiuku cottage
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