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Landscape Photography Round Trip

Price / person
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2480 €


All year

During this round trip, you have a possibility to enjoy the landscapes and phenomena in three different National Parks and few Nature reserves.

Programme description

We have planned for you a wonderful ten days of landscape photography in the nature of Wild Taiga and South Lapland. The area is one of the most interesting in the Nordic countries due to its versatility. There are also a few National Parks in the nearby areas, which all have their own hidden diamonds and specialties. During this round trip, you have the possibility to enjoy the landscapes and phenomena in three different National Parks and a few Nature reserves.

We offer a nature and landscape photography week in different seasons, so you can choose the time that suits you and your lens. You have a huge selection to shoot during these weeks. In summer and autumn, we photograph old forests and their species, high cliffs, deep canyons, colorful marshland in the morning dew, small ponds, great lakes and old grey pine trees. We enjoy the misty mornings, delicate sunsets, and wonderfully meandering riverscapes in the evening sun. Beginning in the mid-September we also have good possibilities for Northern Lights photography.

You travel with a local professional photographer and photography guide to different destinations with a mini-bus. The guide knows the best spots for beautiful shooting in the area. To get to different destinations, we have to walk along paths, also on the side of the rivers and lakes. Daily journeys on your own are about 1-10 km. You have to carry your own photography equipment, your daily drinks, snacks and other equipment in your rucksack.

We stay overnight in different places, hotels, cabins and camping lodges during the trip. The guide takes care of meals and transport.

We talk about photography, for example about the light, photographers’ position, equipment, and technical issues. We can discuss the artistic perspective and your way of thinking about photography in general. Learning from other photographers is a wonderful addition and an extra positive issue during this trip, so we really recommend this tour for both new beginners and more experienced photographers.

One of the most important parts of the schedule is the showtime for you at the end of the week. In this part, you can introduce your best shots of the workshop with a projector on the big screen and tell your stories from your perspective.

Programme information


Hossa National Park, Oulujärvi recreational area, Oulanka National park, Syöte National Park




23.9. - 2.10., 7.-16.10.2023, 7.-16.9., 14.-23.9.2024


10 days, 9 nights

Number of participants

Min 4, max 8 persons


Participants have their own camera equipment, tripod, laptop, memory stick, boots, clothing due to the weather conditions, warm underwear, etc. according to the cold weather. Please ask for the whole list of equipment after booking.

By additional cost

Photographing equipment, binoculars. Winter clothing set: Padded jacket, trousers, mittens, headwear, boots 90 €/set/person/week.

Tour level

Easy. Moderate physical condition is desirable


Finnish, English, Swedish


Guiding in different languages


We require participants to have their own insurance for outdoor activities in Finland and in possibly arctic weather conditions.


2690 €/person when max. 4 persons, 2480 €, when 4 - 8 persons

Detailed programme


1st Day:

Arrive at Kajaani Airport, where you will meet your guide. Approx. a half-hour transport to Scandic Hotel Kajaani

Program briefing. To have a nice and safe adventure, we’ll have basic info about clothing and safety instructions for the week. Possibility to make a short photography tour by the river and old castle ruins in Kajaani City. Nightscapes by the river.

Evening meal in the dining room and accommodation. Sauna experience, maybe a dip into the lake. Welcome to enjoy your photographing holiday in Finland!

2nd Day: Cultural village tour & Wide Lake views from the Steamboat/motor boat and visit to the Ärjä Island

After breakfast, we start our tour to Paltaniemi’s old village and get to know the story of one of the most important writers and poets in Finland, Eino Leino. Visit the old wooden church with unique hell and fire –paintings on the wall. Cultural street view on the famous village site.

After lunch transport to the piers of Kajaani and enjoy the landscapes from the Steamboat or a motor boat, depending on the season and the weather conditions. One hour sail to the Lake of Ärjä which gives us the most beautiful views from the hiking trails to the sandy beaches and lake. Looking for the best set up and scenery during the day for sunset photography. Dinner on the beach by the open fire. Sunset photography.

In the late evening transport back to the shore and to the Arctic Giant Holiday resort and cabins. Evening snack, sauna opportunity and accommodation.

3rd Day: Black and white photography, minimalism, gorge, old forest, nature landscape from the hill. Paltamo. 

After breakfast, we start the excursion to quiet forests and fells. The old forest surrounds us on the way to Yölinnunkuru, Night Birds Gorge, a deep gorge with a beautiful small lake and natural views. Hiking in the old forest, around the lakes and bogs is really an amazing experience. Here you can feel the real wilderness and quiet nature around you. Lunch during the tour. Driving back to Arctic Giant base camp. Dinner and sauna.

4th Day: Bogs, ponds, colors, plants, bonfire. Suomussalmi.

Breakfast in the dining room in Arctic Giant. Transport to Suomussalmi, The whole days’ hiking trip will take us to a remote wilderness lake which gives us a lot of ideas to photograph! After a short and peaceful hike the path leads us to the cabin and fireplace. Picnic lunch by an open fire. Colorful open bogs, bog plants, small ponds, forests, wood-covered paths, etc.

Hiking back to the car, sauna, dinner and accommodation in a small hotel. Relaxing, photo editing time in your room in Suomussalmi village. Enjoying the evening lights and village site.

5th Day: Hossa National Park, the biggest canyon lake in Finland, cliffs, rock formation.

Soon after a refreshing and tasty breakfast, drive to Hossa National Park. Accommodation and relaxing time in two-person rooms.

After lunch transport to Julma-Ölkky in Hossa National Park. Walking on the cliffs of Julma Ölkky, which is the largest canyon lake in Finland. A hiking trip is an excellent way to see one of the most touching places in North-East Finland. During the trip, the guide gives you information about the Finnish ancestors who came here a few thousand years ago after reindeers, elks, and fish.

Snack during the day. Sunset photography. Transport back to Loma-Hossa accommodation. Dinner, sauna, accommodation.

6th Day: Oulanka National Park. Paths, rivers, streams, waterfalls, white water

Breakfast. Approx. Two hours of transport to Oulanka National Park, a hiking trip to the view of the epic river Oulanka which meanders through the huge rock and forest formation. World-class scenery to the river. Waterfall and red-rock wall. Picnic lunch during the tour.

Transport back to Loma-Hossa accommodation. Sauna, dinner, accommodation. With good luck, the possibility to photograph the magnificent Northern Lights without any light pollution!

7th Day: Pyhitys Fell-top views, canyon, forest, horizon, clouds. Taivalkoski. 

Breakfast at the base camp. Making a picnic lunch from the breakfast table and after that two hours transport to Taivalkoski village, visit the old grocery store and to Soiperoinen with crystal clear waters and Pyhitys Fell, the old ”seita” fell, place of sacrificing of the Sámi-people. Sámi-people are a group of indigenous people that come from the region of Sápmi, which stretches across the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola peninsula in Russia.

Climbing to the top of the fell, photographing the horizon, clouds, old forest, and lake from the top. Possibility to shoot small wild forest birds. Night visions and possible Northern lights, starting from September.

Transport to Taigalampi cabin in Syöte National Park for the next photographing day. Sauna, dinner, accommodation.

8th. Day: Last photography day, morning light, golden hour landscape from the fell top. Syöte National Park. 

Early breakfast and transport for the golden hour and sunrise photography to the Pikku-Syöte fell top. After 2 km of hiking opens the wonderful view to the South-Lapland fells. Different colors. Transport to the cabin. Resting and enjoying lunch, dinner, sauna and maybe a dip in the pond.

Accommodation in rooms.

9th Day: Processing and demonstration day

Breakfast. Showtime for your best shots of the workshop! At the end of the workshop, we collect together all the wonderful memories, process them together on the computer and make a presentation of the images. Lunch, celebration dinner, sauna, swimming in the lake. Accommodation in your room.

10th Day: Departure day

Breakfast and transfer to Kajaani Airport or bus/railway station.

We reserve all the rights to change the activities’ order or the program’s content due to the weather or other conditions.

Good to know

We reserve all the rights to change the activities’ order or the program’s content due to the weather or other conditions.

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