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Kalevala, ancient gnomes and nature

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Kalevala, ancient gnomes and nature. Literature and photo exhibition 20.3.–14.6.2024

Programme description

Ancient Finns lived in the forests and by the lakes and seas. Their livelihood came from the nature.

Nature with all Gods, elves and gnomes are always present in the mythology of the northern folks.

Wilderness and the legends of Kalevala have inspired poets, authors, composers, painters and photographers. They were the first who sorrowed the loss of original nature in the 19th and 20th centuries. However, it was just the beginning of the natural resource consumption, that is now leading to the largest extinction in the history of evolution.

Hannu Ahonen and Jorma Keskitalo ponder by photographs and texts, wether it is possible to learn from the past, when people could live thousands of years without harming the existence of the earth.

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