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Lentiira Holiday Village

Island hopping with a canoe

Price / person
starting from

20 €



Rent a canoe and approach the Lentiira village scenery from the lakeside. Paddling excursion to the nearby islands suits anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors in the open. For nature photographers the local sceneries offer beautiful frames - pine forests, swamplands and and waterways, not to talk about the species you might encounter during your trip.

Programme description

With a canoe you can easily follow our suggested island hopping route that passes by Selkäsaari, Vapunsaari ja Sikosaaret Islands. If you wish for a longer tour, we will guide you to the riverside with Töhönpuro stream and Multipakka campfire spot.

The suggested lay-by spots are in perfectly natural condition with no human made facilities or maintenance other than a couple campfire pit.Therefore it is very important that you will not leave any marks behind you. You can bring your waste to the recycling points at Lentiira Holiday Village.

Canoe or kayak rental available at Lentiira Holiday Village reception. Price: €20/2hours; €35/4hours, and, 60€/day.

Good to know

It´s recommended to book your canoe or kayak in advance.
Phone +358 44 72 88 930
sales (at) lentiira . com
Best time to reach us i s Mon – Fri 10AM to 6PM.

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