Come and enjoy lunch with your group in an enchanting cultural landscape and let the Silent People work their magic. Taste the delicious flavours of as many local ingredients as possible in meals served at the Meadow. Adapted from the gastronomic heritage of Kainuu, our meals are already a source of pleasure to those who enjoy their food: by chance a group of young tasters tested and enjoyed our rasvarännikkä pies praising them sky high! This is a Kainuu pie prepared in the usual way and filled with a porridge made from barley flour. We offer different choices of lunch menus for groups of 20-50 people

Lunch in Meadow Cottage

Lunch in the Meadow Cottage which is located in an old hay field, with old stories of hay making, is fascinating experience. At the same time you can enjoy the athmosphere of an old cottage which has his own story but also seasons art exhibition. Choose your own favorite:
Traditional Fayre,
Hay-Maid's Nosh-up,
Hay-Man's Supper
If required gluten and lactose free meals can be prepared.

Programme information

5.6. - 17.6. am 10 - pm 5
18.6. - 12.8. am 9 - pm 6
13.8. - . 2.9. am10 - pm 5
6.- 9.9. am 10 - pm 5
13.-16.9. am 10 - pm 5
20.-23.9. am 10 - pm 5
Open other times by prior arrangement!
Ritva Huttunen +358 50 3620 609 or
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