Hossa - combination of attractions and nature

Hossa has been designated as the commemorative national park for Finland's 100th year of independence 2017. At the heart of the national park is the Hossa hiking area, but the new national park will also include the area of old growth forest Moilasenvaara and the unique canyon lake Julma-Ölkky. The official opening of the jubilee year's national park will be arranged in June 2017.

Hossa Hiking Area is an ideal combination of attractions and nature. The beautiful and tranquil area in the northern part of Suomussalmi has an abundance of waterways. The rivers, lakes and small rapids offer dozens of kilometers of canoeing routes of various levels of difficulty for beginners and experienced canoeists alike. One popular route passes the 4000 years old rock paintings from the Stone Age. The grand ridges and hills offer potential for hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Or you can walk through age old forest and catch glimpses of the lakes beyond.

At the Hossa village there is a reindeer park, rental cabins, Karhunkainalo Camping ground, Hossa Visitor Centre, restaurant and rental services, as well as an exhibition which explains the history, livelihood and flora and fauna in the region. Safari and meal services are organized as required.

More information about Hossa: www.nationalparks.fi/hossa and www.hossa.fi.

Canoeing in Hossa

Hossa is one of Finland's best canoeing destinations. The Hossa Hiking Area was voted the Finnish Outdoor Destination of the Year in 2011, when the theme of the competition was canoeing. A guide book Hossa Canoeing Guide provides information on routes in Hossa to make the canoeing trip safe and fun for both beginners and experienced canoeist. The guide has been published in Finnish and in English, and it is available for 5 € in the Hossa Visitor Centre and the Suomussalmi Tourist office.