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The Wild Taiga streches from Kuhmo to Suomussalmi and is situated in the region of Kainuu, north east of Finland. It is a region of rich culture, traditions, history and adventures. Wild Taiga is an escape to nature, which although remote in parts, gives a complete sense of well-being and safety.

Black Grouse and Capercaillie in Viiksimo

Black Grouse and Capercaillie are large forest birds, which courting dances is interesting to follow. Boreal W...

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Bears, wolverines and wolves on snow TAIGA SPIRIT, 6 days/5 nights

Spring winter, one of the eight(!) seasons, is maybe the most interesting time to be spent in animal watching ...

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Ice fishing trip in Wild Taiga

Winter is the beautiful time in Wild Taiga area. There are frozen lakes almost from December to April. Ice fis...

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Unique and local products in Suomussalmi center. Ceramics, knittings, wood work, birch bark products etc. V...

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Juminkeko is an information centre for the Kalevala and Karelian culture located in Kuhmo....

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A glimpse of wilderness, hiking in the Hiidenportti National Park

Come and see the great nature of Hiidenportti National Park. The canyons of Hiidenportti alone are an impressi...

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Farm Holiday in Kainuu, Finland

Get to know the rural life in a family farm. You can join in working at the farm, watch the animals, observe t...

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Hosted by Huskies

A week for spending time with huskies, exploring the nature, or just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet...

600 €

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