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Trail running day tour

Guided trail running tour on uncrowded Taiga Forest trails. Two options from a shorter introduction to a long run in protected forests.

Programme information

Group size

Minimum 2. For groups bigger than 6 persons please ask for an offer.


Shorter tour 45 €/person, longer tour 90 €/person.

Price includes

Running guide
Transfers from/to Kuhmo
The longer tour includes small snacks (sandwich, candy bar etc.)

Price / person
starting from

45 €

Programme description

Our guide takes you running either a shorter tour, an introduction to trail running, or a whole day tour deeper in the forests. The introduction tour is about 2 hours including transfers from/to Kuhmo town (transfers 10-20 min). The length of that tour can be a couple of kms up to about 15 km. We either follow parts of the UKK Trail or go to Hepokangas, all these are close to Kuhmo town with short transfers. Well marked trails go through forests, both industrial forests and beautiful protected nature areas. You only need to bring running shoes and suitable clothing for the shorter run.

For the longer tour we have several trails to choose from, for example Elimyssalo Nature Reserve, Blue Path and Hiidenportti National Park. Transfer to those takes up to one hour one way. Trails are mostly single track, partly a bit wider, but with very few hikers. It is quite common to run hours without meeting anyone.

There are some roots and stones, making the trails pretty technical. Area is quite flat, so uphill and downhill parts are very short. Most trails run though the mosaic of open peat bogs and old growth forests (Elimyssalo). Hiidenportti NP has also parts where the trails follows a rocky gorge. Peat bogs have wooden duckboards for dry crossings. If conditions are wet, some parts are pretty muddy and duckboards get slippery, making running a bit more technical. For rainy days we also have trails following sandy eskers formed by the last ice age (for example Blue Path). These sandy trails do not get muddy, so the traction is good even in wet conditions. We can choose the destination together with you and the running distance can be anything up to 30km, or even more.

With our local knowledge and experience we will find a suitable trail to offer you something both nicely challenging and safe!

Good to know

Equipment to bring with:

Trail running shoes.

Clothing according to the weather.

For the longer tour it is good to have a running vest/belt/bag pack for carrying water/energy/spare clothing. We have some spare ones to borrow if you do not have your own with.

Please note that tab water is drinkable everywhere in Kuhmo.


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Trail running day tour

Price / person starting from

45 €



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