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Kainuu Orienteering Week

Trail run in Hossa

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3rd Kainuu Trail Hossa National Park (Finland) is a trail running event in Hossa National Park. Trail runners will enjoy all the perfect trails, terrains, sceneries, and sightseeings of Hossa National Park´s area - and all these experiences during the one race day.

Programme description

The running distances of the Kainuu Trail trailrun are Julma-Ölkky 78 km, Värikallio 55 km, Kokalmus 38 km, Jatkonvaara 21 km and Hsias 10 km. All routes are designed so that runners can enjoy the best trails in Hossa National Park.

Programme information




Hossa National Park, Suomussalmi, Finland

Detailed programme

Timetable Saturday 1.7.2023
at 5.00-10.00: Breakfast, Hossa Visitor Centre
at 5.00: Event centre and office are open, Hossa Visitor Centre

at 6.00: 78 k start (all participants), max. time 16 h
at 8.00: 55 k start (all participants), max. time 14 h
at 9.00: 38 k start (all participants), max. time 13 h
at 9.30: 21 k start (all participants), max. time 7 h
at 10.00: 10 k start (all participants), max. time 3 h
Notice! The organizer reserves all rights to edit the starting times and groups if needed.

at 10.30-14.00: Lunch, Hossa Visitor Centre
at 10.30-22.30: Soup of the day, Hossa Visitor Centre
– Soup of the day belongs to the participation fees of 21 k, 38 k, 55 k and 78 k distances at 10.30-22.30: Shower and sauna for the participants, Hossa Visitor Centre

Prize-giving ceremonies
at 12.00: Kainuu Trail prize-giving ceremony 10 k, Hossa Visitor Centre
at 13.00: Kainuu Trail prize-giving ceremony 21 k, Hossa Visitor Centre
at 17.00: Kainuu Trail prize-giving ceremony (38 k, 55 k and 78 k), Hossa Visitor Centre

at 17.00-21.00: Dinner, Hossa Visitor Centre
at 22.00: Finish is closed, Hossa Visitor Centre
at 22.30: Soup of the day, serving ends
at 23:00: Event centre and office are closed, Hossa Visitor Centre

Good to know

Registration for the Kainuu Trail trail run takes place on the website www.kainuutrail.fi.

Participation fee can be paid with payment providers as follows: Finnish bank’s online bank service access codes, credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard), mobile payment (MobilePay, Pivo, Siirto), Invoice (Collector-service, Jousto-service ja OP Lasku-service).

It is also possible to pay the participation fee for the trail running with the following sports benefit payment methods:
– Smartum’s culture and sports vouchers, Tyky vouchers, Tyky+ voucher.
– SmartumPay application
– Edenred web payment
– ePassi payment

More information: www.kainuutrail.fi

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