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Reindeer Culture of Chukotka

A visit with a wooden ferry from the Finnish Reindeer Farm to an other reindeer herding culture: Chukotka.

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Tuesday-Sunday 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm starting 23rd June until 16th August 2015


Hossa, Suomussalmi


1-2 hours





Price Solo:


Price Includes:

Chukotka visa, guiding, travel with the ferry, tea

Price / person
starting from

12 €

Programme description

When visiting Hossa Reindeer farm you can also visit their “Chukotka Island” and get to know another reindeer herding culture.

Detailed programme

Chukotka is a federal subject of Russia located on Chukchi Peninsula, the northeastern extremity of Asia in the northern part of the Russian Far East.

The guide, herself born in a jarang (yurt) shows her traditions, sings, tells stories in her own lively way by showing how to make a fire and by showing handicrafts she has made herself.

You travel to the island with a woooden ferry, often with some of the family reindeers with you. During the visit the guide serves you tea made by the fire.

After the visit you can enjoy coffee and bun or a delicious meal in the family-run restaurant.

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Outdoor clothing needed.

Wild Taiga

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Hossa Reindeer Farm

Reindeer Culture of Chukotka

Price / person starting from

12 €




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