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Private tour with huskies

Private dog sledding tour at a small husky farm surrounded by true Taiga wilderness. Guests become family members here, sharing the home of the huskies and guides during their stay. The husky farm is an old forest workers’ basecamp with traditional log house and wood-heated sauna on a lake shore. Closest neighbours are about two kilometres away. A real paradise for those who love dogs, silence and nature!

Programme information


6th January to 31st March


Kuhmo. Finland


6 days




1 760

Price Solo: Price Includes:

Accommodation with full board, sauna each night, Winter clothing, Guided 4-day husky safari, Transfers from/to Kajaani Airport or Railway station

Price / person
starting from

1760 €



Programme description

Accommodation is simple and rustic but cosy. The log house has electricity, central heating, indoor toilet and tap water. Instead of a shower we have a traditional wood- heated sauna which will be heated each evening. Sauna is a big part of Finnish culture. It is a place to wash yourself, but also a place to relax and heal both body and soul. Guests have their own double or twin room with a fre place and a beautiful view over the lake. There is a kitchen and a living room with nature- and dog sledding books for common use. We guides and a few indoor dogs live under the same roof as it is our permanent home.

Dogs are living right at the yard in their kennels. Most of them are Siberian and Alaskan huskies that are bred for pulling, but there are also some mix breed rescue dogs that are having a new life in our pack.

Detailed programme

Day 1: Arrive at Kajaani airport or railway station, transfer to the husky farm (approx. 1 1⁄2 hours). As a typical Finnish welcoming gesture, a relaxing sauna is waiting for you. Hearty dinner based on local ingredients. Accommodation in a double or twin room. For very late arrivals we might leave the first sauna experience for the next evening.

Day 2: After the breakfast a gear check. We will give you thermal overalls, boots and driving mittens for the sledding, so there is no need to bring heavy winter clothing. Before the first sledding tour some practical information about sled dogs and how to control the sled and a team of dogs. Most of our guests have no previous experience in dog sledding. It is pretty easy to get a grip of it and one does not have to be super athletic. However, it requires a bit of balancing and full concentration. Being reasonably fit makes it easier to enjoy the experience.

Usually we drive each day with solo teams: one person driving a sled without a passenger, with 4-6 dogs (amount of dogs depends on trail conditions, drivers weight and skills etc). You will follow guide’s team and he will give assistance when needed. If wished for it is also possible to drive two persons per sled (one driving, one as a passenger). As you are the only guests we can be very flexible with this.

Late lunch in the afternoon once we are back form the first sledding tour. Before the sauna there is usually some time to spend the way you wish. You can read or take a nap, take some retired / non-working dogs for a walk, or explore the surroundings with our forest skis. As usual, dinner is served after the sauna.

Day 3(-5): Each sledding day we will make a day tour from our home, returning back in the afternoon. Usual distance to cover per day is between 20 to 35km. Daily distance depends on weather and trail conditions, drivers’ abilities and wishes etc. We aim to have some new trail sections for each day. We prepare our trails with traditional and environmental methods, by skiing and dog sledding. After heavy snow fall it means heavier work for dogs and the driver, especially in the first team. Depending on trail condition the speed can be anything from walking pace to fast running pace. On some trail sections we also use bigger, public trails that are mainly used by people driving snow mobiles.

We do not use snow mobile to groom the trails or to guide the tours. This means no disturbing noise or smell from the machines. Dogs are quite noisy in the starts and occasionally during the breaks, but once we are on the move it is very silent and peaceful. Very rarely we meet anyone else on our trails. Most of our guests do not meet any other people than the guides during their stay! More often we see signs of wildlife: tracks of wolverine, snow hare, otter, beaver, red squirrel, wolf, lynx etc. These mammals are very rare to be seen, but often we see different type of forest birds: black grouses, willow grouses, capercaillies, woodpeckers.

Team combinations usually change a bit from day to day in order to give the right amount of exercise for all of the dogs. When driving a team for several days, you learn to know the different characters of the dogs. We have a wide range of different dogs in our pack. Some have came as puppies from other dog sledding kennels, a few were born here. We have also adopted several adult home seekers; Siberian huskies, shy racing alaskan huskies and other arctic cross-breed dogs who have needed a new home. While few shy ones are a bit reserved, most really love cuddles and enjoy being in close contact with new people. Our dogs are not the fastest and would not be very successful in dog sledding races. For us the greatest reward is to have a pack where all dogs live in harmony and get the love and care they deserve. When taken well care for, these happy dogs give a lot of joy both us and our guests.

Day of departure: After breakfast transfer to Kajaani.

Good to know

Not included in the price: Flights, personal travel insurance, alcohol beverages

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Private tour with huskies

Price / person starting from

1760 €




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