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Private tour with huskies

Private dog sledding week in a true Taiga wilderness without forgetting the modern comforts. You will stay five nights at a small husky farm of 25 huskies. From there you head out for marvellous day tours with huskies. The husky farm is located by the lakeshore with no close neighbours, so the peacefulness of the nature is only shared with you, the dogs and the guides.

Programme information


6th January to 31st March


Kuhmo. Finland


6 days




1 760

Price Solo: Price Includes:

Accommodation with full board, sauna each night, Winter clothing, Guided 4-day husky safari, Transfers from/to Kajaani Airport or Railway station

Price / person
starting from

1760 €



Programme description

Accommodation is simple but rustic. The cabin has electricity, central heating, indoor toilet and tap water. There is no shower but a traditional wood-heated sauna on the lake shore will be heated up each evening. In sauna you can wash yourself with hot water. Guests have their own double room with a fire place and a beautiful view over the lake. There is a kitchen and a living room with maps and nature- and dog sledding books for common use. The cabin is also the permanent home of the owner of the company.

Dogs are living right at the yard in their kennels. Occasionally some of them also stay indoors.

Detailed programme

Day 1: Arrive at Kajaani airport or railway station, transportation to the husky farm (approx. 1 ½ hours), dinner and accommodation in a double room.

2: After breakfast you will be provided with warm winter clothing which will make it pleasant to be outdoors even in extreme cold temperatures. Then it is time to meet the dogs and learn some theory of dog sledding. After the practical info we will head out to the forest for the first day tour, approx 20km. We will have two teams of dogs and you get to share the second team while guide(s) is driving in front, making sure that everything goes safely and comfortably. After arriving back to the husky farm, it is time to feed the dogs, enjoy the warmth of a wood-heaten sauna and a tasty dinner.

Day 3: Another day tour with huskies. Now as you are already accustomed to dog sledding, it is easier to enjoy the views and pay attention to different things in the snowy nature. Along the trail we can study tracks of wildlife, such as wolves, wolverines, lynxes, forest birds etc. Our trails follow peat bogs and taiga forests so you will get a deeper touch to Finnish nature. In the evening we will have the usual procedures, feeding the dogs, taking the retired ones for a walk etc. If any of the dogs seem to have muscle stiffness from the work, we may take those inside for a massage. To prevent muscle stiffness with us, sauna will be heated up as every evening.

Day 4: Another day tour will be made but this time on slightly different trails. Instead of sharing a sledge, you will now both have your own team to drive without a passenger. On earlier days, the trails have been public ones where other people can sometimes be seen skiing or driving a snowmobile. This day’s trail is only prepared with skis and the dogs. It may not be as solid and fast as the ones before, but you will get a chance to experience what dog sledding has traditionally been, before the time of snowmobiles. The dogs enjoy this challenge too! This trail also lead us to even deeper in the nature, into a protection area with old-growth forests and open peat bogs. There we might see especially wolverine tracks, and forest birds typical to old taiga forests (Siberian Jay, Black Woodpecker, Capercaillie).

Day 5: The last day with the dogs. At this point we can choose one of the trails where we have been before, or we might discover some new trails, depending on the weather and snow conditions.

Day 6: After breakfast transportation to Kajaani airport or railway station.

Good to know

Not included in the price: Flights, personal travel insurance, alcohol beverages

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Private tour with huskies

Price / person starting from

1760 €




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