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Kainuu Orienteering Week

Open orienteering, week

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12 €

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54th Kainuun Orienteering Week will be organized in Puolanka 3.-8.7.2022. In Kainuu Orienteering Week's open orienteering anyone can come and enjoy orienteering in the great sceneries and terrains of Kainuu and experience the unique and friendly athmosphere of the event. You can orienteer in four race days and enjoy holiday in two rest days.

Programme description

In every four race days we have open orienteering categories as follows:

– Activity route (in finnish “Rastiralli”): Marked route with funny and nice adventure tasks. Starting area is near the children’s day care (in finnish “Muksula”). Activity route is best suitable for the little ones of the family. The whole route is marked into the forrest. Usually parents are with the childrens during the route. There are no timing in this category.

– FAMILY-RR (in finnish “Perhesarja” or “Perhe-RR”): Marked orienteering route. This is best suitable for the for kids 10-years or under. Children can go this route by him/herself or with the parents. There is timekeeping in this category, but there are no overall results or prizes.

C-categories (C-short and C-long): Tracks are mainly very basic orienteering, easy skill level, best for beginners. There are timekeeping in these categories, but there are no overall results or prizes.

B-categories (B-short, B-middle and B-long): Tracks are mainly normal orienteering, medium skill level, best for orienteers who are already experienced. There are timekeeping in these categories, but there are no overall results or prizes.

A-categories (A-short, A-middle and A-long): Tracks are mainly very demanding orienteering, hard skill level, best for competition or professional orienteers. There are timekeeping in these categories, but there are no overall results or prizes.

In open orienteering categories (C-A) you can orienteer with your friend or friends, but every participant must enter seperately and everyone will have competition numberbib and competition punching card (Emit-card).

You can enter to open orienteering either beforehand (via website www.rastiviikko.fi) or on-site at the competition centre. You can rent a competition card on-site.

Entry to adventure route (Rastiralli) is near the childrens day care (Muksula).

Programme information


3.-8.7.2022 (1st race day Sun 3.7., 2nd race day Tue 5.7., 3rd race day Thu 7.7.and 4th race day Fri 8.7.)


Puolanka, Finland


Adults from 49 €/week, children under 14 years from 29 €/week, "Rastiralli" 12 €/week

Price includes:

Participation fee (4 races)

At extra cost: Competition card (Emit) rental

Good to know

– Follow the instructions of the organizers when arriving to competition centre. See the arrival instructions from the event website
– Go into the open orienteering info tent in competition centre

Get familiar with the tracks and maps of the categories:
– You can freely observe the maps and tracks beforehand in the open orienteering tent, so it is easier to choose the right category and skill level

Entry and registration:
– You can enter to open orienteering either beforehand (via website www.rastiviikko.fi) or on-site at the competition centre.
– In the competition centre you can pay with cash or with the usual credit and debit cards (Visa/Mastercard etc)
– You can rent a competition card (Emit-card) on-site. Rental fee is 5 € / day and 15 € / week.
– After the entry and registration you will have a competition bib number what you should put in the front of your body (for example chest)
– Entry form to open orienteering is possible to download beforehand from our website and you can also fill it already before arriving to competition centre.

Start and start areas:
– All open orienteering categories will start from start number 5 (except Adventure route).
– You can enter to starting place when ever you like during the time when start area is open. Remember to check daily opening hours from the competition instructions or open orienteering info.
– On the start area you must registrate yourself to start area officials (they will ask from you the competition bib number, the emit-card number and the category what you are going to orienteer)
– Map is provided on the start area when you are starting. Map is already in the plastic cover.
– Emit-card will be reseted at the same time when your start.

– Remember to orienteer your track in number order
– Remember to punch (with Emit-card) on every control point and check out the control point code that you are on the right control point
– Remember that orienteer is not allowed to go through embargoed areas, private yards or house areas and the fields which are marked with yellow color with black little dots.

– In the finish area choose finishline number 5 (same as the start areas number was)
– Remember to punch in the finish (finishline control point)
– Walk in the Emit-control tent
– Print your results and split times
– Results are available in the competition centre (result boards) and in the Kainuu Orienteering Week website.
– In open orienteering categories we will raffle prizes among every participants in every open orienteering category – remember to check if you have won one 🙂

Welcome to open orienteering in Kainuu Orienteering Week!

Further information: www.rastiviikko.fi

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