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A week for spending time with huskies, exploring the nature, or just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quietness. The choice is yours, as you are the only guests at this small husky farm.

Programme information


20th May - 30th September


Kuhmo, Finland


7 days


2-4 (5)


First two 1300€/person, others 700€/person

Price Includes:

Accommodation with full board, guided program for the whole week, airport transfers from/to Kajaani. (For extra price transfers from/to Kuopio.)

Price / person
starting from

1000 €

Programme description

The farm of about 25 dogs is located on a lakeshore and surrounded by taiga forests. It offers a great opportunity to experience the wilderness lifestyle: hiking in the nature, canoeing or rowing on a lake, fishing, picking berries, mushrooms & herbs, cooking, chopping firewood and heating up sauna etc. You can also take part in daily tasks with huskies and go hiking with them.

Detailed programme

An example how the program can look (can also be tailored according to your wishes):
Day 1: Arriving in Kajaani or Kuopio airport/railway station. Transfer to the wilderness cabin. Getting familiar with the dogs and the surroundings. Dinner.

Day 2: Foraging wild food. There are plenty of edible plants, mushrooms and berries in our nature to collect. Thanks to our “Everyman’s right” or “Right to Roam” we can collect those delicacies freely as long as we do not disturb wildlife or neighbours by going too close. That is pretty easy to avoid as the closest neighbours are two kilometres away – in fact in Kuhmo municipality we have less than two persons per square kilometre.

Some of the delicasies we may find are:
-Cranberries in early spring (they stay good over the winter) and late autumn
-False Morels (mushrooms) in springtime
-Wild Herbs in early summer
-Boletes, Chantarelles and many other mushrooms from July until late autumn
-Cloudberries (July), Blueberries (July-September), Lingonberries & Crowberries (August-September)

As every evening you will have the chance to enjoy the great combination of traditional Finnish sauna and dipping into a refreshing lake water. In the evening we will make dinner of our catch.

Day 3: A day for fishing. In the land of thousands of lakes fishing is a common method to get food on the table, and an ecological one too. Also our huskies are often fed with lake fish, caught by local fishermen and ourselves. We can try fishing with different type of passive traps and also with active methods (angling with worm bait, casting and trolling with a lure).  When being lucky, we can prepare dinner for ourselves from freshly caught fish!

Day 4: Husky trekking day. Today we will pack the car with some eager huskies and head to one of the many nature trails we have in Kuhmo. Each participant will get an “own” husky, a special belt and a shock-absorbing leash. Huskies are very eager to pull and your job is to follow and slow down on the tricky parts. Afterwards you will feel the hiking in your muscles – no need for a gym! Having the dogs with also helps us to see, smell and hear better what is out there in the nature.

Day 5: Canoeing day. For the start we will study the basic canoeing techniques. Then it is time for a small canoeing tour, starting right from our cabin shore. On the way we can study beaver life on a small river. Lunch & coffee will be enjoyed by the open fire unless there is a forest fire warning.

Day 6: Maybe another hiking tour, canoeing, fishing or playing with the huskies? Or a good mixture of everything. For the last full day we try to make sure that everyone gets to do their favourite thing of the week.

Day 7: Departure from Kajaani or Kuopio airport.

Good to know

General information about the husky farm:

This small husky farm is situated 20 kilometres from the closest village (Kuhmo) and 2 kilometres from the closest neighbour. It is a permanent home for one of the guides and his dogs. The farm is on a lakeshore in the wilderness and it is very rare to see any other people on “our” lake. The main building is a traditional log cabin which used to be a base for the forest workers. It is simple but has the modern comforts such as electricity, running water and indoor toilet. Instead of shower you can wash yourself with hot water every evening in the sauna. The sauna is another log building which is right on the lakeshore; one has to take approximately five steps before jumping in to the lake.

The cabin has a kitchen and a living room for the common use. Guests have their own bedroom with a fireplace and a view to a lake. The second bedroom is a bit smaller than the main guest room but also with a view to the lake. The guest rooms are with twin or double beds depending on how the guests wish. For the bigger one we can make an extra bed for a third person (a child).  There is a good mobile phone coverage and wifi in use.

Food that is served is based strongly on local ingredients; fish (usually caught from the own lake), mushrooms, vegetables and potatoes. Special dietary needs (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, vegan) are happily fulfilled if asked in advance.

The dogs on the farm are mostly Siberian and Alaskan huskies that are bred for pulling, but there are also some mix breed rescue dogs that are having a new life in our pack. They live outside, usually two to three dogs per one cage. Occasionally some are staying inside. Most of the time they are very silent. They are only noisy when being exited: for example because of feeding or when they are taken out for hiking etc. Anyhow, no need for earplugs during the nights!

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Price / person starting from

1000 €




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