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Hotel Kalevala

Biking tours

Price / person
starting from

38 €



Guided city, mountain or fat bike tours. Biking + hiking tours available also.

Programme description

City bike tour 2h 38 €/person

Mountain bike tour 2h or 3h 45 € or 65 €/person

Fat bike tour 2h or 3h 49 € or 69 €/person


Biking and hiking tour 3h 48 €/person

Incl. approx. 10km biking and 3km hiking in Lauttavaara nature trails, incl. refreshments and small snacks.

Biking and hiking tour 5h 87 €/person

Incl. approx. 20km biking and 5km hiking in Lentuankoski nature trails.


Good to know

Price includes helmet

Wild Taiga

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Wild Taiga summer