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Taiga Spirit, nature and wildlife experiences

Bears, wolverines and wolves on snow TAIGA SPIRIT, 6 days/5 nights

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Spring winter, one of the eight(!) seasons, is maybe the most interesting time to be spent in animal watching hides. Wolverines and wolves are active all year round, bears have just woken up and are looking for their first meals after a long winter.

Programme description

Price include : Accommodation, half board (breakfast and one warm meal before hide or after, picnics in hides), 4-5 nights/days in professional hides.

Programme information

Season : 10th april to 30 th april

Duration : 6 days/ 5 nights

Place: Taiga Spirit, Lentiira, Kuhmo

Detailed programme

Finland and especially the region of Kainuu is famous for its great predators and others mammals. There are about 2700 bears, 350 wolves, 350 wolverines, 2 000 lynxes, thousands of elks, foxes, minks, around 10 000 beavers, 850 wild forest reindeers and some hundreds of endangered flying squirrels in Finland.

Beside the mammals also birds of the taiga forest are interesting: crossbill, Siberian Jay, swan, red and black throated divers, owls. Depending on the season birds will be more or less active – the most active they are in spring/spring summer time from end of April until mid June.

At the turn of April-May the mating rituals of the capercaillie and the black grouse are at their most intensive. When sitting silent in the hide, you often hear the sound of those birds.

Spring winter tour with 4 nights in a professional hide gives you a very special possibility to see and photograph, if you are lucky(!), 3 of the great taiga carnivores:wolverine and the king of the forest, bear and wolf.

Long days with beautiful lights very early in the morning and late in the evening make this time of the year special for those interested in taking photos of wild predators on the snow.

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Price include : Accommodation, full board (breakfast and one warm meal before hide or after, picnics in hides), 4-5 nights/days in professional hides.

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