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Raatteen Petobongaus bear watching site is situated 30 km east from Suomussalmi Center, along the Raate road close to Russian border. Nearby are several sights related to Winter War (1939-1940) like Frontier Guard museum, “Winter War in Suomussalmi” exhibition and cafe in Raatteen Portti. The companies owners are also reindeer herders and they organize guided bear watching programmes in their two-storey air conditioned Bear House, which is situated 450 meters from their main house. The Bear House has a few beds upstairs and a toilet. In addition they have a lakeside cottage for rent.


Raatteen Petobongaus
Raatteentie 73
FI-89800 Suomussalmi KK
+358 400 251 278

Wild Taiga winter