Husky tour for you two only

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Enjoy the Finnish Taiga Winter together - just the two of you, your guides and the lovely Siberian huskies.

Husky tour for you two only

This tour takes you through the beautiful taiga wilderness with only the sounds of the dogs breathing and their paws hitting the snow. After the first night in a cosy hotel you will learn how to “mush” together with your arctic team of dogs. The night after the first sledding tour you accommodate on a husky farm, in a cosy log cottage. The traditional Finnish sauna is heated for you to enjoy.
The next day we will hitch up the dogs and head on the trail back to the hotel.

Programme information

3rd January to 31st March
Kuhmo, Finland
4 days (also longer tours possible)
2 persons
1 120 € /person in a double room
Price Solo:
Price Includes:
Accommodation with full board (2 nights in a hotel,
1 night in a wilderness cabin), sauna each night, winter clothing,
guided 2-day husky safari, airport transfers from/to Kajaani

Detailed program

Day 1: Arrive at Kajaani airport, transportation to the Hotel Kalevala (approx. 1 ½ hours), dinner and accommodation in double room or suite.

Day 2: After the breakfast at the hotel you can pack your luggage you need for the husky tour. You get a big bag from the reception for this. Other luggage not needed on the tour you can leave at the hotel. Then it is time to meet one of your two husky guides. The guide will meet you at the reception and then drive you to the husky farm (25 min. drive). At the cabin you will be provided with a warm overall, shoes and big gloves. Now, as you are equipped for the tour, it is time to meet the huskies and learn the basics of mushing - the art of dog sledding. In the start you share the sled with a guide. After a while you may share a sled together with your companion. The trail first take you accross a frozen lake, then goes to the beautiful forests and peat bogs. At some point we will have a break with hot drinks and a snack. After the break it is time to head back to the cabin Tervahovi, the home of the dogs. After giving some drinks for the dogs, we will enjoy some snacks ourselves. Then you will have some time to relax before the traditional sauna visit (and possibly a dip into the lake water or rolling in a snow!). After the sauna it is time to enjoy the dinner made of local ingredients.

Day 3: After the breakfast we will hitch up the dogs and head on the trail back to the hotel. Your luggage we take with you in your sled. The first 3 km we follow the same trail as the day before, then we will have some nice down hills and open peat lands with small pine trees. On the way we might see some interesting animal tracks (very often wolverine tracks) or some forest birds. Like the day before, lunch is enjoyed outdoors. Back at the hotel it is time to say goodbye for your loyal four-legged co-workers. In the evening a relaxing sauna and a dinner. (In Feb-March the second husky day is often also possible to do different: we can go to our private trails driving our own teams of dogs, one team each, if wished - in this case drive back to the hotel by car).

Day 4: After the breakfast transportation to Kajaani airport.

Good to know

The cabin has running water, electricity and indoor toilet. It is
located by the lakeshore with no close neighbours, so the peacefulness of the nature is only shared with You, the dogs and the guides. The cabin is a permanent home of the huskies and the main guide.

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