Black Grouse and Capercaillie in Viiksimo

Boreal Wildlife Centre

Black Grouse and Capercaillie are large forest birds, which courting dances is interesting to follow. Boreal Wildlife Centre offers opportunity to photograph these magnificent birds during the breeding time.

Black Grouse and Capercaillie in Viiksimo

These birds are rather difficult to see and photograph. The best chance is during mating season in spring. Black Grouse mating starts normally in the middle of April and lasts till mid May. Black grouse has mating time also in September. Capercaillies mating time is shorter, it normally takes place is end of April – beginning of May.

Photographing Capercaillie and Black Grouse will happen from a tent hide. To the hide you will enter in the previous evening and the photography will take place in the sunrise when the courting dance starts.

Programme information

End of April - beginning of May (Black Grouse also September).
Boreal Wildlife Centre, Viiksimo, Kuhmo.
Black Grouse 100€/person and Capercaillie 150€/person.

Boreal Wildlife Centre
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