A campsite in natural surroundings, a comfortable country inn or an idyllic B&B? Whether you need beds for the family or an entire busload, you will be sure to find a perfect place from our selection.


Lentuankoski camping area

Lentuankosken Leirintä

We provide places in the grass field for caravans, motor homes and tents. The area provides restrooms, showers with warm water, chemical toilet disposal point, a place to sort waste (glass, paper, bio, mixed waste), electricity and fresh drinking water. Sauna, campfire and barbecue are located on the beach area. Pets are welcome too.

Price / person

12 €

Camping Hossan Lumo

Camping Hossan Lumo

You can stay in our lakeside cabins all year round while the cafe and mini market are open from Easter to the end of October. You can also rent fatbikes, kayaks, canoes, rowing boats and stand-up paddle boards from us! www.hossanlumo.fi/en

Price / person

13 €

B & B Kuutamo Guesthouse

Kuutamo Guesthouse

B& B Kuutamo Guesthouse is located right in the centre of Suomussalmi. In our cosy home You can be like home :) Go to sauna when ever you like, use the kitchen if you wish and just enjoy Your stay. The Inn can accommodate 20 guests. Address: Kiannonkatu 6 c, 89600 Suomussalmi, Finland Tel +358 50 462 2066

Price / person

45 €

Traditional Cooking

Arola farm

It is possible to spend a hole week cooking meals,making finnish bread,learn to heat the oven by wood for baking. Using berries for the desserts.

Price / person

690 €

Camping site

Lentiira Holiday Village

Do you enjoy spending time in nature? Then this is the best choice for you! Fishing grounds are located near and you have an opportunity to fishing at rapids only 5km away from us.

B&B Taiga Spirit

Taiga Spirit, nature and wildlife experiences

B&B Taiga Spirit is a nice and confortable accommodation at the village of Lentiira in the Wild Taiga region.

Price / person

35-60 €

Arola Farm At one with nature, Arovilla

Arola farm

Arola farmhouse in the beautiful village of Ruhtinansalmi nestles into the wilderness of the Suomussalmi municipality of Kainuu, north east Finland. Just 9 km from the Russian border, it is part of the award winning ’Wild Taiga’ region, famous for its wildlife and nature. A must see for visitors interested in; culture, history, wildlife, nature and the get-away-from-it-all lifestyle.

Price / person

40 €

Room accommodation in Martinselkonen

Martinselkonen Wilds Centre

Martinselkonen Wilds Centre is a wilderness hotel located in Suomussalmi. The Centre has comfortable rooms with en-suite bathrooms.

Price / person

35 €

Room accommodation in Boreal Wildlife Centre

Boreal Wildlife Centre

Boreal Wildlife Centre offers room accommodation in middle of wilderness in Kuhmo.

Price / person

30 €