Winter Activities


It is said that Finns are born with skis on their feet. No wonder cross-country skiing is one of the most popular winter sports in these areas, when you can find hundreds of kilometres of skiing tracks over varying terrain. Many different Audemars Piguet replica uk trips of any length are available for the visitor, from courses in basic techniques and short trips to tracks on the frozen lake to day-long skiing treks in the the hills.


Come and conquer the Wild Taiga region with huskies! While in Kuhmo and Sotkamo you can participate in day trips or a longer, five-day trek with a dog-team to the eastern border in Kainuu, where you'll spend the nights in accommodation establishments and/or lodges along the route.


The regions also offers great possibilities for multiactivity programmes during the winter time. Programmes combine different winter activities like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, husky safaris etc.


Snowy hills and forests can be conquered by snow shoes as well as skis. You can walk slowly, enjoying the magnificent scenery or briskly, making the most out of the exercise. Duration of snow shoeing treks vary from 1-2 hour trips to a week long tour in a wilderness.

Wild specialities

Experience the thrill of speed and the whirling snow on a snowmobile, or enjoy a calm winter's day ice fishing on a lake. Get your adrenaline pumping on a river swim, or visit a reindeer farm in Hossa. Whatever takes your fancy, you will be sure to find the perfect activity for your group.

Visit to a reindeer farmVisit a reindeer farm in Hossa in Suomussalmi, where you can meet the reindeer, learn about their management and feed the animals. In addition you will have the opportunity to gain a reindeer riding licence, join a reindeer ride or try your hand at throwing a reindeer herder's lasso. You may also visit the farm café, and we can arrange a full meal if you order in advance.

Rapid floatingFloating in a rapid is exiting! With the help of professional guides and state-of-the-art equipment this unique adventure can be experienced safely. The thick rescue suits used during the swim will keep you warm and dry. After the adventure you will receive a diploma.

SnowmobilingThere are hundreds of kilometres of snowmobile tracks and maintained routes from short lengths to networks eventually reaching up to Lapland. Campfire sites, lean-tos and other such amenities for breaks are available along the marked routes. Guided safaris are available throughout the winter, although springtime is popular for its longer days and sunshire. All safaris begin with full safety instruction as well as guidance during the safari.

Winter fishingThe diverse range of water bodies in the Wild Taiga region offer excellent opportunities for ice fishing. Spend a relaxing winter day with the whole family hooking fish and enjoying the magnificent scenery. Guided ice fishing trips, including equipment and a packed lunch, are also available.